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Pursuant to a lawsuit and Judgment and Injunction of a U.S. District Court against the operators and owners of the website,, which previously appeared at this web address, were held to have been offering for sale and selling replica Chanel items. For authentic Chanel merchandise, please visit the official Chanel website at


CHANEL Wallet Replica 94s

ALL OF CHANEL was once a website which was online to sell illegal products such as a replica Chanel 2.25 bag in pink for under $200.00 and a knockoff Chanel wallet for just under $100.00. Also offered were best service, AAA high quality and competitive prices.

Replica Chanel products are often of bad quality. Not only are they cheaper in price, but are made with inferior materials, neglectful workmanship, and deliberately missing details. There is little or no value in a replica for any amount of money.

Not everyone can afford a closet full of original designer bags, but it is not a good reason for downgrading to buying replicas. Buying fakes is something that no one can afford to do. Replica sales profits often end up in the hands of criminal organizations who fund crimes such as identity theft, cybercrime and even terrorism. Giving money in exchange for a knockoff, can be said to be the same as supplying money to those willing to commit crimes against individuals, businesses, governments, cities, and nations.

Since a replica bag, wallet or any other fake cannot match up to the original, it is best to insist on only genuine CHANEL.